Double room


A small private corner to live, where tranquility and intimacy are a must. Lavanda, with its purple color is perfect for a stay in Umbria with your loved one and share with him/her moments of great magic. Comfortable double bed, with private bathroom, emotional chromotherapy shower, hairdryer, set of linen and bath products. Cared for in every detail and furnished with sober and elegant taste, in perfect harmony with the external context of one of the most famous art places in Italy.

Dimension: 30 mq

Meaning and symbology of


Already known by the people of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, lavender was used to realize talismans and enchantments of love, as well as to perfume the water for daily baths and also relaxing or restaurateur ones. One of its possible meanings refers to this use, which sees the plant used to “wash”. Another possible meaning is the one more closely linked to the language of flowers, which sees lavender associated with the pleasant memory of a past love: an interpretation that carries an imprint of nostalgia and solitude.