Four-bed room


Ideal for families with children, groups of friends, business trips. In this room, consisting of a double bed and a bunk bed, families will find a bright space at their disposal. The Margherita room, with its harmonious orange colour, has been designed to offer our guests the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay. It has a private bathroom with emotional chromotherapy shower, hairdryer, set of linen and bath products.

Dimension: 40 mq

Meaning and symbology of


In flowers’ language, daisies have different meanings, all positive and connected with the concept of “truth”. It is above all, the delicate flower of purity and innocence, of simplicity and modesty, but also of faithful love and patience.Always appreciated for the beauty of its simple appearance, the meaning of the daisy symbolizes youthful innocence, free from guilt, sin or corruption. In the past, in fact, it was commonly collected in the meadows by the girls and tucked between the locks of hair.

The cut flower, gathered in a beautiful bouquet, has remained commonly celebrating the 5th anniversary of marriage, while a bouquet of daisies is given to a new mother as a sign of acceptance of the newborn. For its shape, with the radiating petals around the yellow central disc, the daisy in fact gladdens as if it carries the sun in people’s lives.