Double room


After a day out in Umbria relaxation is absolutely necessary. The Orchidea room, with its blue hues, is a real place of relaxation for all those who have been travelling either for working reasons or leisure. It has a private bathroom with emotional chromotherapy shower, hairdryer, a set of linen and bath products, always at your disposal.

Dimension: 33 mq

Meaning and symbology of


In the language of flowers, the orchid means a thank you for the concession of love. The orchid is a flower to give to the person we know for sure who reciprocates our passion and/or our love. While in the East and especially in China, the orchid symbolizes the purity of children. For Western culture it is considered a message of love for the fundamental person of their life, the symbol of an important and long-lasting affection and feeling. The pink orchid is considered ideal to give for the anniversary of the 14th wedding anniversary. The pastel yellow orchid, pink or cream (Cymbidium) ones are perfect, instead, as a gift for the 28th anniversary. For Mother’s Day, one can give a bouquet of fragrant Cattleya orchids, because they are considered similar to the charm of the advancing age. In Christian beliefs, the spots on orchid flowers represent the blood of Christ, so on Easter and Christmas occasions, church altars are often adorned with these flowers. Black orchids, which are actually dark brown and mythologically thought to have a magical power, are the symbol of authority and therefore ideal to give perhaps to a man to compliment for a job success.